It’s our 15th Anniversary!


Fifteen is a triangular number, a hexagonal number, a pentatope number and the 5th Bell number (i.e. the number of partitions for a set of size 4). Fifteen is the double factorial of 5, and there are 15 perfect matchings of the complete graph K6 and 15 rooted binary trees with four labeled leaves, both of these being among the types of object counted by the double factorials. It is a composite number; its proper divisors being 1, 3 and 5. With only two exceptions, all prime quadruplets enclose a multiple of 15, with 15 itself being enclosed by the quadruplet (11, 13, 17, 19).

15 is the number of days in each of the 24 cycles of the Chinese calendar. It is the number of guns in a gun salute to Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force Lieutenant Generals, and Navy and Coast Guard Vice Admirals. It is also the number of checkers each side has at the start of a backgammon game, the number of balls in the eight ball variant of billiards, and the number of letters in the words “uncopyrightable”, “dermatoglyphics”, “misconjugatedly”, and “hydropneumatics”, which are the longest words in the English language that do not repeat a letter.

While there are a lot of cool things about the number 15—most of which can be found on Wikipedia as the previous statements were, the number 15 for us, is cool because it signifies the number of years we’ve been in business.

15 years of wonderful partnerships with clients, innovative designs, and a creative process that continues to improve the value of each brand we touch. For 15 years, we’ve bustled with deadlines, overcome technical obstacles, grown in knowledge, and kept burning a true passion for what we do. 

What an awesome 15 years it has been—and we have each of our clients to thank.

We look forward to what the future has in store! Cheers to 15 more!